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Originally Posted by Hunterworks View Post
Sure hope it is not like my Rhino is right not. I either have a blown head gasket or cracked head.

I would just take it back to the dealer instead of figuring it out myself.

I hate having other people work on my stuff. If it was just a head gasket I would rather just do it myself. I really hope it was just some air in the system. I only refilled it once so far and that is only like maybe two cups of water. I hope it didn't get too hot when the temp indication started flashing. I think I saw it right away because I kept looking at my speed and slowed down to like 20+ mph right away and was just cruising and it was like 70 degreas out. One other thing I know I have seen some Teryx with a little screen over the radiator. Do they all have that? I am wondering if SDR took mine off for some reason.

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