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I too met Vinny and his buddy Roger last year. Great Guys. eez if you have the time and money to do it, dont think twice. All you really need to do it is get a whip, which for slightly more than a motorcycle shop can be bought from vendors in glamis.

On all these forums there are guys who spend tons of money on the latest greatest stuff to go ride the dunes. For every one of them there is a ton of stock stuff or old beat down or home built junk. Ive ridden with stock lights at night out there not fun but lots of people do it. You already have HID replacements so your good their. Extra lights are just bonus. Paddles are nice but not necessarily needed.

I'm sure Vinny can take care of you with any issues that come up once you arrive. There are companies that rent out trailers to stay in for the weekend. They will come out and set up for you, deliver water etc. Basically you would need to have Vinny's guy pick up your ride, fly out, stay in tent or rent a trailer, stop on groccery store on way to glamis from airport in rental car or hitch a ride w someone in Vinnys group.

Vinny what days are you going to be out their? Pad 2 again or where?

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