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Don't buy from Hunterworks!!

I thought that title would catch your eye.

I got a burr under my saddle this morning and if I don't get it off my chest I will blow up!!

I think I speak for all vendors on this or any forum.

I say don't buy from us, Four Stroke Tech, UTV Crap, Fundy etc., just buy everything you want on ebay or at for your Teryx.

Their prices are much cheaper than all of us.

I know this is a tough economy, trust me I really know but buying on price alone is not the way to go.

Let me give you a real world example. I'm assuming any of you who bought a Muzzy exhaust for your Teryx was influenced by the testing HW did and the tech article with dyno charts helped make your decision up on it. Ok, now you know which exhaust you want to buy and then you just buy it from the least expensive place (ebay) and your happy.

What happens when you have issues with the pipe itself, jetting for it and so forth. Do you want to call someone who just sells the pipe for a good price or do you want to call someone you know can help you thru your issues?

I bet you can find a engine kit on ebay too for a Teryx with no name on it and it looks great but do you buy there or buy it from Four Stroke Tech or Fundy? Easy answer Four Stroke Tech or Fundy.

I think the majority of you guys understand this. I don't see too much product pushing on here from most vendors, I see people helping people. Service and support cost. Having a telephone, computer and a tax id number doesn't.

I'm not saying buy everything from Hunterworks but by products on quality, buy it from someone you can trust, buy it from someone you know can support it when you have problems. I think most every vendor on this site has your best interest at heart first and foremost and making money second.

Buying products from someone who just sells it and has no idea what a Teryx is makes no sense to me.

Example, you can buy the Muzzy exhaust on ebay right now from JC cycles for $806 plus $18 shipping which is a savings of $25 to $30 over us and the first thing the description says is "Advantages, makes your motorcycle faster, more comfortable and improves handling"

Motorcycle?? Handling??? More Comfortable???

What the heck are they talking about??

These kind of companies make us look like we are overcharging for the same product but we are not. All of us have buildings, equipment, salaries and so forth to pay for.

I am sure every vendor on here will agree with me and if you notice we all are trying to work with each other by not bad mouthing each other and letting you decide where to buy.

Point is, don't buy on price also you get what you pay for. Any vendor on here is fine.

Off my soap box now!!!


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That is a legitimate problem always will be. when you are dealing with people all across country and internet their are many types of people. The economy is tough!! However I am a firm beleiver in you get what you pay for and even in many transactions you get what you dont pay for: such as help figuring out a problem which you thought was caused by the muzzy etc.. from people such as yourself!! I am sure you get many info searchers with no purchases. Being on the net that is just gonna happen. I am self employed, I do no advertising of any type. My customers are all refferal and I do pick and choose some customers I dont want certain ones!!!

Of course being on here all it takes is one dumbass who thinks he was mistreated to discredit you. The info highway good and bad!

Also remember many of us ask questions with true intent. Myself I would love to do a 840 kit or even a standard bore kit. But it is not of neccesity right now. So I will wait till I wear the motor out a little more.

Bottom line is every person who has some type of morals will support their favorite establishment. The guys who jump around and buy the cheapest whore will get a disease eventually and learn. The best is to hope that each person chooses one of the quality companies out their including yourself or others. Butt dont support the fly by night guys because it just brings down the level of professionalism.

Best of Luck
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I'm one of those tight wads, but think Todd and his morals are worth the $30. I looked at the Muzzy's on ebay and even e-mailed JC motorcycle exhaust twice with NO reply, so they won't or can't answer a simple question. I research quite a bit before purchasing anything and the choice is pretty easy when you find a place (Hunterworks) that sells well under MSRP and also offers great customer support.

Man, I sound like a suck up, but just wanted to state a fact.

Todd, don't let your helmet get to tight.
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Since we are on our soap boxes, let me start by agreeing with Hunterworks. Now, everyone wants to save their hard earned money, but shopping at Wallyworld has shut down more hometown businesses. All of that Japanese and Chinese stuff has also shut down American businesses. So the next time you drive by your hometown business to go to the mall to shop at Circuit City (who just happened to fire all of their employees this year only to hire them back at a $4.00 less wage) or Walmart ( who won't let their employees unionize) or any of the Korean cars (which by the way, the Republican Senators want the American Auto Workers to take a cut in pay for the bail-out and Honda/ Toyotas cars are appr. $2000 more in price now) Stop and think about your neighborhood stores to buy you needs.
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This is not intended to be a kudos to Hunterworks. There are a good many great vendors on this site.

Thanks for your comments though.

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OH shit his head won't fit thouhgt door now
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Todd, I agree with you 100%, my resaoning is you supply us with good information by performing all your tests on products. To me it is worth a little more to buy from a guy who already did the research and testing. I have purchased a CDI, wheels and tires from Hunterworks at a very reasonable price. Again, you get what you pay for.
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I will have to agree to disagree, i shop for the best price 90% of the time, unless i need something fast then it comes to who has it in stock. a muzzy pipe is a muzzy pipe no matter where you get it, i got mine from a sponsor of another site for 753 shipped. If i had a problem with it i would contact muzzy, i bought my Dalton clutch kit from the same vendor for a discount price, Dalton answered any questions i had.

I bought one of the first VDI's hunterworks sold, "Reason" he had one in stock. I had alot of trouble with it, Todd stood behind what he sold me and got me the right software. I would buy from hunterworks again but only if he had the best price or was the only one to have it in stock.

I had my mind made up on the muzzy exhaust as soon as i heard they were coming out with one, anyone thats been around Kawis knows that Muzzy is the best.

Last year i was building my KFX700 motor, Fundy was running a sale on motor kits 699, FST was around 850, i bought the fundy it worked perfect. This year i was going to build the Teryx called Fundy he wanted close to 900 bucks. ended up getting the FST kit for 699, both were top quality kits, i just went with the better price.

08 Teryx, Black, FST std bore,Muzzy Exh, VDI, Dalton, VFJ clutch mod, 27" Bighorns on ITP SS212's. Lone Star +5 LT Elka shocks XMF Radius Cage
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I have to say I agree with Todd on this one. But on the other hand this is breading comptition among Venders and it is working out to be pretty good for the consumer. Unfortunately you still have to make sales though, so if I have to I will price match to get the sale if it is a reasonable number. I still think a consumer needs to look at service and profesionalism over price but in this economy we will just have to offer all three.

Unleashed UTV
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HW and everyone else-

I read this post and just had to give my 2 cents (about all I have)!!!! I am a business owner... my wife and I own Sierra-West Jewelers. My success has come from Honesty, Intergrity, and SERVICE!!!! I had someone in the other day and said "that they could get the watch online for a couple of hundred dollars less" and I lost it (temper wise). I told my employee not only NO on matching the price but HELL NO!!!!! The person on the internet doesn't have a store to pay rent on, he doesn't have the watch in stock in fact he doesn't even carry inventory and he has NO overhead and doesn't care about future problems because he doesn't care if you ever come back and doesn't plan on giving you any service after the sale because he doesn't know who you are and really doesn't care!!! And there is a good possibility that the product is a knock off!!!!!!!!!

For us business owners that care about our customers and want to give our customers the service they expect, we have to charge for it (not grossly though). If I wanted to go broke I would go broke at home sitting on the couch eating Bon Bons watching Oprah with the wife; not sitting at my store 12 hrs a day beating my head against the brick wall! I will ask people 1 time for their best deal and if they say that is it I take it or not! For people that discounts to match the internet price I feel sorry for! I believe that it tells people what you are worth and degrades the value of your product! Everytime I buy something online from some discount place I have nothing BUT HECK with the product and then I am kicking myself in the ACE and I end up paying double to replace the one I bought for a little less!

SERVICE is KING in my book, not price!!!!! If we could teach society this, this Country would be a better place!!!
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