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  1. Complete Kawi Engine for sale.......
  2. We have balljoints, brakes and wheel bearings!!
  3. Hunterworks adds a Teryx 4 page on site!!
  4. Hunterworks Wins Cross Country in GA!!
  5. 08 Teryx Owners read its about your fuel pump
  6. HW Race Results!!
  7. Hunterworks going racing!!
  8. PC V ignition/fuel controller coming for Teryx!!
  9. Engine build due to oil again!!!
  10. Teryx Engine Build out the door!!
  11. Adding fuel does not make power!! Read
  12. Fuel Controllers and Ignitions Explained
  13. New lower prices at HW!!
  14. Oil in Plenum solved again
  15. Kawi V twin valve problems!! Read this
  16. Engine Building has taken off!!
  17. The all out 840 build might be coming back!!
  18. V-Twins coming from everywhere!!!
  19. Hunterworks on Facebook, Like Us!!
  20. First time to see crank bearing spin in case
  21. Update on 840 build!!
  22. Need a bad EFI Teryx fuel pump
  23. Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants
  24. Three V-Twin builds at once!!!!
  25. Viper Widespool Winch with 75' of Syn Rope!!
  26. 840 Build finally!!
  27. Exhaust Sales are up at Hunterworks!!
  28. Axles selling well!!
  29. Whew!! 4hr Engine build
  30. Hunterworks Feb. Newsletter
  31. Hunterworks Feb. Newsletter
  32. $150 Complete Teryx Axles in Stock
  33. Teryx complete axles $150 coming soon!!
  34. Viper Widespool Winches on Sale!!
  35. Ecu
  36. Sale on MSD's during January!!
  37. Snow Plow prices??
  38. Explanation of what a Discovery 800 is!!!
  39. Discovery 800 After 4 Hour Race Report!!
  40. HW Racing a Diamo 800 in cross country
  41. New Overhead Gun Rack on site
  42. New Rear Rumble Seat on site
  43. HW wins third Championship
  44. HW builds another 840!!
  45. New Viper Wide Spool UTV Winches!!!
  46. Yamaha YFZ 450 accessories at HW!!
  47. New Stuff at HW!!! Check it out!!
  48. HW Builds Engine for Big Kev's Performance
  49. Performance question
  50. New Std bore fuel map for MSD
  51. Still Hotter than Hell Sale!!
  52. Phones and Internet down, sorry!!
  53. Info on EFI and Performance Mods
  54. HW Changes Phone Number
  55. HW's Hotter than Hell Sale!!
  56. HW Changing Phone Number
  57. HW Performance Packages
  58. Hunterworks Changing Focus
  59. Bazzaz 3D fuel controller only, interested?
  60. What is a customer?
  61. High Volume Water pump on site
  62. Four engine builds going on now!!
  63. End Mill Notcher For Sale
  64. Programmable Tubing Bender For Sale!!
  65. Fan bypass switch video on site
  66. Muzzy has new pricing policy, please read
  67. 10% Discount on purchases
  68. Hunterworks Rides Can Am!!
  69. HO Radiator Fan Install Video on Site
  70. Engine kit comparison dyno chart
  71. Bigger Injectors on Site
  72. Bigger intakes not always good!!
  73. Finished Build and Tune on AMR 840
  74. Questions about the F-8, F-18 Ishocks
  75. Go Cross Country Racing June 5th
  76. Team Hunterworks Teryx Wins Again!!
  77. Muzzy Std. VS Pro Tested on stock engine
  78. Resuming Muzzy Pro vs. Std, finally
  79. New Fan by-pass switch on site!!
  80. Just sold the 300th Muzzy Pipe!!
  81. How Clutching affects Fueling
  82. Anyone tried JE pistons and Hot Cams?
  83. Another long distance engine build!
  84. HW takes 1st and 2nd at Race!! LOL
  85. New HO Fan at Hunterworks
  86. Todd at big buck GNCC start
  87. Muzzy changed Std. Exhaust
  88. HW Fan By-pass Switch coming soon!!
  89. HW Teryx Power Pack Save $$$$
  90. Testing Muzzy Pro Soon
  91. Video of start of GNCC race last weekend
  92. HW Four entrants at GNCC results!!
  93. HW Rhino outruns 840 Teryx
  94. HW racing in GNCC Sat.
  95. Reminder on drive shaft and dynoing!!
  96. HW needs a tie rod, got one???
  97. FYI, HW is expanding into BF 750 parts
  98. HW is a I-Shock dealer again
  99. 840 Dynoed
  100. Finally Dynoing a 840!!
  101. Filter destroyed engine ready for pick up
  102. HW finally finished tuning the muddy motor
  103. Hunterworks Engine kits!!!
  104. Anyone use Lucas oil in Teryx?
  105. K&N Filter Destroys Teryx engine
  106. New OD Billet Plate with Bearing!!!!
  107. HW New Improved Filter for billet adapter
  108. Teryx MSD Tech Article
  109. Hole in breather tube fix for smoking
  110. 09 Idle speed with cam????
  111. HW needs a KEBC actuator, got one?
  112. std bore kit
  113. Dynoed Fundy Std kit with ported heads today
  114. Started mapping Fundy 820 today
  115. Muddy motor is alive!!!
  116. Muddy motor may run tomorrow!!
  117. Pulling engine to get a fuel map!!
  118. New Fundy Engine Kits coming soon!!
  119. Day two intake and whisper core testing
  120. MSD's for Teryx finally in stock and ready to ship!!
  121. HW did some 09 intake testing today!!
  122. 16 more happy HW customers!!
  123. More MSD shipped yesterday!!
  124. Update on MSD and 2010 Teryx
  125. Fuel maps for 09s and engine kits
  126. HW building engine from Maine!!
  127. 10 more MSD for Teryx's shipping today
  128. Pic of muddy engine cleaned up
  129. New Breather tube mod with pic!!