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  1. Performance set up

    Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    Okay, it's spring in Manitoba, and I've finally got some seat time with my Teryx now that I have the Muzzy's, MSD, Dalton, & HW OD clutch plate installed as well as a set of 27" Zilla's. I have two grub screws in the weights, Aluminum rivets and the amber spring in the clutch kit. I'm not sure...
  2. Clutch puller blues

    Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    I had a bit of an issue with a local dealer here. I bought my Teryx in March and didn't want to do any of my mods until the factory warranty had expired. I picked up a Clutch puller (from a local dealer <not my own>), just in case I needed to change a belt unexpectedly. I had the clutch...
  3. Clutch set up

    Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    I originally posted this in another thread, but only got a couple replies. I thought I'd try again. Dalton has had a clutch kit for the Teryx for four model years now, 08 through 11. I have a stock 2010 LE with an MSD (Hunterworks curve), Muzzy's & 27" Zillas. I do most of my riding on bush...
  4. Need help with Clutches???

    Member Introductions
    Hey members of teryxhq i asked my dealer today how much he would install a clutch kit in my 09 teryx and he said 65-100 depending on the clutch i got soo thats no biggie,, pretty cheap actuaully, but i'm needing help with what clutch to buy and which spring rates i need,, i bought the machine...
  5. Stock 08 LE in sand?

    Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    I have a 2008 LE with stock tires and no mods, I am looking for advice on taking it out in the sand dunes. Most of my time riding is spent in trails with some mud so I am kind of hesitant of a lot of clutch work that would affect my torque/midrange too much. I live in Michigan so I spend time...
  6. August 2008 Contest Submissions

    Off-Topic Discussions
    Please use this topic for the August 2008 contest submissions. Remember, hour reading should be in hours and tenths of hours. (ie 12.4 hours) Link to contest information: http://www.teryxhq.com/forums/teryxhq-com-announcements/843-teryxhq-com-contest-august-2008-a.html Keep in mind, the...
  7. TeryxHQ.com Contest For August 2008

    TeryxHQ.com Announcements
    We are excited to annouce another TeryxHQ.com contest sponsored by Dalton Industries: Welcome to Dalton Industries Start date: 18 August 2008 End date: 1 November 2008 Winner to be announced: 1 November 2008 Contest Subject: Guess The Hours! Contest Description: Simple, as we countdown to...
  8. Discussion Topic For Interstate Motorsports Clutch

    Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    Interstate Motorsports has been kind enough to supply us with a machined and lightened clutch for use on our Teryx build. We are very excited to be working with them and are anxious to get the kit installed on the machine. You can check out the Interstate Motorsports website at...
  9. Discussion Topic For Dalton Industries Clutch Kit

    Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    Dalton Industries has been kind enough to supply us with their new clutch kit for use on our Teryx build. We are very excited to be working with them and are anxious to get the clutch kit installed on the machine. More information may be found at...