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  1. 08 & 09 Camo Teryx plastics

    Kawasaki Teryx's & Teryx Parts For Sale
    >I have a set of Kawasaki factory camo body work for an 08 or 09 Teryx. Consists of hood, roof, sides of bed and tailgate. $400.00 very good condition. >An 08/09 Red hood, complete bed and black roof. $250.00 very good condition. >Set of 4, 08/09 "Sport" shocks with green coils. (May also fit...
  2. Tilting beck on non le model

    Member Introductions
    I purchased the non le model or the standard model. I purchased this because I want to put my own dump bed on it. does anyone know of a good linear actuator that works well with this. or can I purchase a dump kit for it.