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  1. Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    My Teryx runs for a while then just stops. No sputtering or backfire. Like the world just ended. It is a bit of bear to start at times as well. Looking for suggestions.
  2. Want Ads
    What's up guys I recently blew out the engine on my Teryx after maxing it on a stretch of pavement. If anyone has a motor for sale preferably new, or knows where I can get a deal on one, please let me know. What's a reasonable price? Thanks
  3. Kawasaki Teryx Electrical Discussions
    :confused: i have a 2011 sport with muzzys and msd box and snorkels decided to dip in some water to test the snorkels out. I'm guessing the water stop the fan which blew the fuse kept riding not knowing the fan wasnt working well eventually the temp light started flashing so i cut it off and let...
  4. Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    Well, I should have known better, you've all told me a hundred times. But no, I didn't do anything about it. I just left my damned K&N air filter on and BOOM, no more toy. So now I know, I've got to get a proper air filter mod. Fist thing. But I've also got to redo an engine. I'm thinking...
  5. Kawasaki Teryx's & Teryx Parts For Sale
    I have a red 08 kawasaki teryx 750 le i would like to sell. Here's the story...it only has around 450 miles...I bought it from a friend and not long after I had it I had it pop out of low gear while riding it. Something in the tranny broke and now I can't get it to stay in low...it runs fine...
  6. Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    For those of you running into heat issues, I am curious to know if you are running a windshield as well. Is it possible that a vacuum is created and actually just keep the hot air from the motor trapped in the cab?
  7. Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    I am curious to know what engine oil everyone has chosen to use. I have a case of Red Line in the garaga and am considering using that.
1-7 of 7 Results