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  1. Southwest Region
    Just curious if anyone is heading up to the Friday Night Rhinos tonight at the Duners Pizza in Peoria?
  2. Southwest Region
    Just thought I would share a few pictures from the 1 Aug 2008 Friday Night Rhinos at Duners Pizza. The event is coordinated by our very own Mr. Off-Road and was a good turnout. I think it all around 100 side x sides showed. I had the Teryx there (you can see it in the picture), along with...
  3. Southwest Region
    Curious if any of you will be visiting the Friday Night Rhinos on August 1st at Duners Pizza (Peoria location) It will be more than Rhinos, I will have my Teryx there and FST will have their Factory Race Teryx and I believe there is another one that I know of. Anyhow, if you are interested...
1-3 of 3 Results