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  1. Friday Night Rhinos - 5 Sept 2008

    Southwest Region
    Just curious if anyone is heading up to the Friday Night Rhinos tonight at the Duners Pizza in Peoria?
  2. Friday Night Rhinos - 1 August 2008

    Southwest Region
    Just thought I would share a few pictures from the 1 Aug 2008 Friday Night Rhinos at Duners Pizza. The event is coordinated by our very own Mr. Off-Road and was a good turnout. I think it all around 100 side x sides showed. I had the Teryx there (you can see it in the picture), along with...
  3. Friday Night Rhinos - 1 Aug 2008

    Southwest Region
    Curious if any of you will be visiting the Friday Night Rhinos on August 1st at Duners Pizza (Peoria location) It will be more than Rhinos, I will have my Teryx there and FST will have their Factory Race Teryx and I believe there is another one that I know of. Anyhow, if you are interested...