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  1. Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    I have installed a new radiator and now I have air in my system. Does anyone know how to bleed the air out of the system?
  2. Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    I need to relocate my radiator. I ride a lot of deep mud and very muddy water. I have snorkels and a big speaker box in the way of putting it on the rear roll cage. Also I would really hate to blow a hose and get a face, head and neck full of hot coolant. I am thinking about putting it on...
  3. Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    Ok I am being lazy, therefore thought I would just post this. There appears to be a sensor on the radiator, what exactly does it do? Is it what is telling the fan to come on? Yes, I know I could look it up...but I figured someone in the future is going to have the same question. Mainly I...
  4. Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    PWR Performance has been kind enough to supply us with their new aluminum radiator kit for use on our Teryx build. We are very excited to be working with them and are anxious to get the kit installed on the machine. You can check out the PWR Performance website at: PWR Performance Products...
1-4 of 4 Results