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  1. Friday Night Rhinos - 1 August 2008

    Southwest Region
    Just thought I would share a few pictures from the 1 Aug 2008 Friday Night Rhinos at Duners Pizza. The event is coordinated by our very own Mr. Off-Road and was a good turnout. I think it all around 100 side x sides showed. I had the Teryx there (you can see it in the picture), along with...
  2. Yamaha Rhino Motor

    Other UTV Discussions
    So I was thinking about it and was curious. Is Yamaha going to stick with the single 700 or are they going to release a twin of some sort. Seems to me that the Teryx is going to give them a run for their money, so I am wondering how they are going to react for next model year.
  3. Rhino Accident In Peoria, Arizona

    Off-Topic Discussions
    This happened just down the street from my house, actually not far from where several of my friends with Rhinos live, so I have to admit my stomach dropped when I received notification of this as it could have been one of my close friends, this is not to say that because it was not that it is...
  4. 2007 Yamaha Rhino

    Misc Items For Sale
    Blue SE Yamaha Rhino, like new only four hours on it. Here is a list of the mods: MSHQ 4 seat cage PRP front and rear seats Crow harnesses Lone Star Racing long travel kit Gorilla axles Two Brothers dual exhaust ITP beadlock wheels Bilstein shocks Dynatek CDI Only this this Yamaha Rhino...
  5. Rhino Mayhem

    Off-Topic Discussions
    No Teryx's that I can see in this clip, however, a very professional video with some great music and creative editing!