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  1. Stock 08 LE in sand?

    Kawasaki Teryx Performance Discussions
    I have a 2008 LE with stock tires and no mods, I am looking for advice on taking it out in the sand dunes. Most of my time riding is spent in trails with some mud so I am kind of hesitant of a lot of clutch work that would affect my torque/midrange too much. I live in Michigan so I spend time...
  2. Sand Tires and Wheels

    Kawasaki Teryx Suspension Discussions
    For those of you who frequent the dunes, what size wheel and sand tires are you running?
  3. Eye Protection

    Kawasaki Teryx Safety Discussions
    I am curious to know what everyone uses when riding for eye protection. Usually on the street I use sunglasses, however, in the sand or in the desert glasses just doesn't cut it. Being that right now the desert is especially dusty, I have chosen to try Oakleys MX Sand (first attachment) and...
  4. Dust / Sand Protection

    Kawasaki Teryx Safety Discussions
    Those of you who ride in the dunes or desert can understand what I am talking about...especially the dry desert. Because I do not have a windshield, I get slammed with dust. I am not worried about the dust on me, I just do not inhaling the stuff as it kills my allergies. Is there or is...