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  1. May in Manitoba

    Member Introductions
    It's May in Manitoba and this year will be much different than any year before it. The Weather has been much warmer than usual. Spring came in early March and the temperatures reached highs typical of early June. The negative impact of such a warm spring, was the lack of moisture. We had...
  2. Arizona ATV Outlaw Trail

    Southwest Region
    This was brought to my attention, therefore, I am bringing it to yours. The Official Arizona ATV Outlaw Trail Web Site Spoke to the President of the Club and there are quite a few rides that us UTV owners could participate in. The area is about ten or fifteen miles out of Greer, AZ and for...
  3. Discussion Topic For Trail Tech Vapor Computer

    Kawasaki Teryx Electrical Discussions
    Trail Tech has been kind enough to supply us with a Vapor computer and billet dash mount for use on our Teryx build. We are very excited to be working with them and are anxious to get the computer installed on the machine. You can check out the Trail Tech website at: Trail Tech Home...
  4. [Build-Up Sponsor] Trail Tech

    TeryxHQ.com Announcements
    We are excited to announce Trail Tech as a TeryxHQ Build-Up Sponsor. We are looking forward to working with them on our Teryx build for this site and appreciate their willingness to speak with us about the project. They have been kind enough to contribute the following items for the build...