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  1. Canton Ohio – May 7th and 8th Hare Scramble

    Cross-Country UTV Racing
    They are having a hare scramble in canton ohio on may 7th and 8th and new racers race free! They are also giving away 4 Vacations on a 5 Day Carnival Cruise to your choice of Nassau, Ensenada or Cozumel! The website is Super National Cross Country Championship
  2. 3rd Annual Moab UTV Rally

    Western Region
    The 3rd Annual Moab UTV Rally has been scheduled to take place on May 13-16 2009. Discussions pertaining to the event can be found at: http://www.teryxhq.com/forums/western-region/2186-discussion-thread-3rd-annual-moab-utv-rally.html Click to visit the official website of the event. UTV...
  3. UTV Mayhem II Now Available

    Off-Topic Discussions
    Today is the official release day for pre-sale orders of "UTV Mayhem II". It will be premiering Oct. 17 & 18 in south dunes ISDRA for the SideXside action mag "Dune Tour". It wont ship until Oct. 12th. If you are on the pre-sale list you will be the first to receive your copy as they will ship...
  4. What Magazines

    Off-Topic Discussions
    I am curious to know what magazines everyone reads. I just received my copy of UTV Off-Road magazine, I have to admit, I really love their layout and just the overall appearance of the magazine. Anyone else read UTV Off-Road? I also sometimes get Quad magazine and it is nice as well.
  5. Can-Am UTV

    Other UTV Discussions
    So there has been some discussions on Can-Am releasing a UTV, I have been unable to find any spy photos of it, so they are either very good at keeping a secret, or prototyping has hardly begun. Has anyone else heard or seen anything?
  6. Suzuki UTV

    Other UTV Discussions
    So what are your thoughts? Is Suzuki too late to the party to begin trying to get into the UTV market?
  7. Honda Big Red - UTV

    Other UTV Discussions
    So I am curious what will come of the new Honda Big Red. I am sure they have received a lot of feedback due to the way the machine looks, not very appealing. Nonetheless, I am sure they will not have a hard time selling it due to the fact that it has the name Honda on it. Lets face it, when...
  8. Anyone Going To The UTV Rally?

    Southwest Region
    I am curious to hear if anyone is going to be heading to Moab this year for the UTV Rally. I was hoping to go, but not sure it is going to work out.