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  1. Live Video Feeds From Glamis

    ISDRA (Imperial Sand Dunes)
    Here are some live videos feeds from Glamis. The first video is Sand Highway, second video is Picacho Mountain, and the third video is Oldsmobile. Enjoy, I sometimes just sit and watch at night...you can sometimes see people hauling by. Wait until the season really hits, you will see lights...
  2. UTV Mayhem II Now Available

    Off-Topic Discussions
    Today is the official release day for pre-sale orders of "UTV Mayhem II". It will be premiering Oct. 17 & 18 in south dunes ISDRA for the SideXside action mag "Dune Tour". It wont ship until Oct. 12th. If you are on the pre-sale list you will be the first to receive your copy as they will ship...
  3. Teryx On ATV Television

    Kawasaki Teryx General Discussions
    Not a whole lot for us to learn from this video, since we all own one, however, it was nicely done and not too bad to watch.