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    i need a set of sport aluminum wheels for my teryx, please some one pm with pictures and price shipped to forida 33782. thank u all.
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    >I have a set of Kawasaki factory camo body work for an 08 or 09 Teryx. Consists of hood, roof, sides of bed and tailgate. $400.00 very good condition. >An 08/09 Red hood, complete bed and black roof. $250.00 very good condition. >Set of 4, 08/09 "Sport" shocks with green coils. (May also fit...
  3. Misc Items For Sale
    I have the old wheels and tires from my Yamaha Banshee, everything is in really good shape, probably six trips on them. $350.00 or best offer, I would really prefer to not ship these. Four Douglas Blue Label wheels; Fronts are 8" with a 3-5 offset, Rears are 10" with 4-6 offset. Two 8 paddle...
  4. Kawasaki Teryx Suspension Discussions
    For those of you who frequent the dunes, what size wheel and sand tires are you running?
  5. Press Releases
    We are excited to announce the release of HiPer Technologies newest wheel, the Sidewinder. Lightest 12" wheel at only 8.5 lbs Single beadlock carbon fiber wheel Features a two piece modular design MSRP starting at $299 The HiPer Technology website can be found at: HiPer Racing Wheels - Home...
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    I am interested to know the wheel size you are using, including width as well as the tire style and size.