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2008 Kawi T-rex (458 miles / 58.0 hours)

Custom built by AP Designs and Mafia ind. for the 09 sand sport show

Custom 2 + 1 cage (fresh powdercoat)
Custom Aluminum doors and roof (vinyl lined)
Custom front bumper and skid plate
Tabbed for window nets/buckles
Billet rear view mirror
Custom rock sliders/nerf bars

14 inch ITP Type 7 beadlocks
26" maxxis cerro tires

Where to start....
5K plus paint job with tons of detail and striping
AP designs is well known in the motorcross and jetsji industry. They paint helmets for most of the top riders.
Paint is in really good shape (The hood has an area where there was bonding issues....I fixed it to the best of my ability and you would need to be 1-2 foot in to notice)

Mafia Industries +6 kit
Rad flow resivors with dual rate springs
Front bridge for longer shocks

This isn't your standard LT kit. between the dual rate springs and shock tower this thing goes over everything fast and smooth. There are many people on this forum that will vouch for its capabilities

Stock 750
Recent tune up (new plugs and cleaned carb)
Pro circuit dual exhaust
AFE intake (slide mod performed by DASA)
Dragon fire racing clutch
siphon break
Dasa OD plate
Dasa plennum rings
Dynatek CDI
UTV inc fan switch
Dyno jet jet kit
Custom tuned on the dyno by DASA (49.5hp to the wheels)

Car runs a real world 65 mph

Custom PRP seats
PRP 3" padded 5 points
Custom floor matts and rear bed matt

10" UTV inc LED light bar

Optima Blue top in custom box

This can go a couple different ways

SSV pods front and rear loaded with focal 6.5's (4)
SSV sub enclosure (custom painted and loaded wiht a 10" JL)
Alpine HU in a custom glovebox mount
Alpine PDX-5 (currently removed and used in another project)

The stereo in this thing is retarded figure $2000-2500+.... Like mentioned the PDX is currently out of the car and I am willing to discount the car a little if it goes w/o. If I find one for a good price I will probably throw it back in and not be as negotiable

This isn't a fire sale.....

car is in great shape and well maintained.....I will get that actuall miles and hours this weekend

Car is beyond custom...you wouldn't believe the little details and $$$ spent on powdercoat,etc...

I fell like I have listed it at a fair starting price. Please don't offer me 10K as I can part the car and make alot more.

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So I have been offered a bunch of stuff so far as a trade....

9K and a banshee

Fishing boat


old buick

Anyone have any cash these days....lol

I would be willing to go 10.5K with no stereo,led light bar and factory battery (no optima)

11K with no led light bar ,hu and amp (pods,focals,jl sub will cost you 1K plus)
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