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Hi, I'm new to forums and the Teryx world. I've got an 08 Teryx that spun a crank bearing so naturally I went BBK when I needed to do the crank. I bought a kit from bpracing with the following:
4098 Hot Rods Heavy duty crank & bearings
CP 11.5:1 Pistons
Re-plated cylinders
Web 150i cams
Gasket set obviously

My questions are more geared (no pun intended) towards other parts that I've been looking into. Is the high flow water impeller by Weller racing a useful upgrade? Is there any place that I can purchase a heavy duty set of cam chains? Is there ANY ANY way to lower the overall heat that radiates into the cab on this thing??? Is there any other parts or upgrades that I should be considering? Thanks in advance!
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