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I have an '08 Tyrex, that starts and idles fine, however under acceleration it doesn't come up to full speed, wont even hit the rev limiter. It is not over-revving. The drive belt does not seem to be slipping. It just doesn't have any acceleration/punch.

I'm drawing a blank and before I take it into the shop I was looking for a few suggestions of things to check.

A little background, beginning of hunting season it started and ran fine. Towards the end of the season it started getting hard to start, and was rough idling until warmed up, that was in late February. Before coming home from the last trip I went by a friends place and had a little fun in a clay pit that had water. However the water was never above the floor boards and it was never stalled or stuck in the water.

A couple of days late the season was over and I pressure washed and cleaned it up. That afternoon it was hard starting and coughed and sputtered until it was warmed up. A couple of days later I started it and it ran fine from the get go, no issues. It was parked for a couple of weeks, the next time I came out to run it, again hard starting but it ran fine etc. Parked for a couple more weeks, this time I almost killed the battery starting it and again the same issue, however now it won't accelerate.

I removed and emptied the fuel tank thinking that I had gotten water in it while cleaning as I was using a pressure washer. New gas put in the tank and no change. Today I removed the carbs and cleaned the jets, the smaller jets were clogged, cleaned out and reinstalled everything. Now it starts right up and idles great but still the lack of acceleration still remains.

Sorry for the long winded first post but I figured I'd offer as much information as to what I have already done...

Thanks in advance
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