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I am parting out a Teryx I purchased. The Teryx is a 2008 LE 750 that was running until the bottom end of motor went out. If interested send me a PM or email me at [email protected]. The following parts are for sale (All parts $ plus shipping from 32812 or available for pickup in Orlando):

Matched Case $250
Good Crank (not from this Teryx- purchased with intent to rebuild) $200
Stock Pistons & Rods (w/ caps) $50 each
Timing/Cam Chain Set with Tensioners etc… $75
Front Cylinder $100
Rear Cylinder $100
Transmission (all gears within case) $250
Waterpump case side $30
Cams (front and rear) $20 each
Front Driveshaft $50
Rear Driveshaft $25
Front Axles (2 remain) Sold
Rear Axles (2 remain) Sold
Front Differential $Sold
Rear Differential $400
All Charging Parts (stator,rotor, wiring, etc..) $150
Carbs $150
Radiator & Fan Assembly $150
4x4 Actuator $100
Misc – Make offer???

Hood Sold
Tilt Bed Sold
Bed Sides Sold
Rocker Covers Sold
Floors $40
Dash $50
Headlights $50
Speedometer Sold
Bumper Cover $40
Front Bumper (black not bent) $75
Roll Bar $150
Frame $750
Cup Holder (OEM) Sold
Front Shocks (Red springs) (2 remain) $40 each
Rear Shocks (Red springs) (2 remain) Sold pending payment
A-Arms (All remain; all ball joints and bushing good and included) $30 each
Brakes (make offer on requested part – (Right Front Caliper sold) TBD
Brake Master Cylinder $100
Steering Rack & column Sold
Driver Side Brake Caliper $75
Driver Side Knuckle (Bearing good) $60
Passenger Side Knuckle (Bearing cap fell off when pulling) $50
Rear Sway Bar $30
Hour Meter (showing 124 hours) $20
4x4 Switch $40
Ignition Switch w/Key $25
12V Plug $20
Entire Wire Harness (one damaged single wire connector) $150
Entire Pedal Set With Bracket $100
Shifter Assembly$65
Plastic A-Arm Guards $10 each
Other Skid Guards or Plastic I didnt list?? Make offer[/COLOR]

Misc Make offer

**I will update the listing frequently and provide status of sold parts on in table above.


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