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2010 Wendover 300

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May 1st in Wendover Nevada Bonneville Off-road Racing will be holding the 2010 Wendover 300 desert race. Bikes, Quads and UTV's will only be racing about 100 miles. The entry fee will be about $100 and it sounds liek their will be some payback this year.

The owner of BOR is working with the city of Wendover for the start/finish to be in the city Possibly right from one of the casinos. For those who have never been to Wendover we are only talking a mile mabe two from main downtown before you are in some awesome Nevada desert. Hotel rooms are cheap but their is plenty of space to camp at the pits. Thats what we did last year lots of fun camping.

They are now using the WORCS rule book for a general outline so tech is within reason for anyone on a budget. These are the basic rules.

1: All UTV's must have 4 point harness for each occupant.

2: Must have ABC type fire extinguisher on board.

3: Side doors or nets are required keep occupant legs within the foot well area.

4: Full factory roll cage must be intact.

5: To be considered a UTV the vehicle must have come with an OEM rear cargo bed.

6: All occupants must wear full protective clothing to include at least a helmet, goggles, gloves. All other clothing must provide full coverage.

Last year we mostly had stockish rhinos and a RZRs I had brought out my stockish Teryx but DNF due to a rollover prerunnig. The course was very very well marked but we blew through a double caution at full throttle because we where dumb and didnt ask what the markings ment. LOL we thought the two orange pie plates ment "yep your still going the right way". If this is going to be your first race ask the guy doing your tech inspection how the course is marked before you go prerun. Or just go slow.

I know their will be some full one race UTV's this year as well as stockers so bring what ya got and you will be placed in a class with others like you.

I think pushing these forums for racing in my area (intermountain west) is somewhat a wast of time but if anyone in or around SLC, Utah needs or wants help getting ready to race or even want to race but need help at the race lets pit toghether. I have a tube bender welder and any other tools we may need to get you ready to race. I would like to see more people this year so I will do my best to help anyone who askes.

[email protected]
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