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Hi Teryx Crew:

We're happy to announce that we are going live on June 1 with our new 2012 winch lineup with upgrades to both the VIPER MAX and the VIPER ELITE series. We've been quite happy with the performance of our VIPER winches over the past six years of doing business and look to build on that quality moving forward.

VIPER MAX Upgrades -- New Weatherproof Package
Based on recommendations and feedback the past few years, we are introducing new weatherproof features including:
-stainless steel hardware throughout the winch package -- including motor terminal bolts, tie rods, and fairlead hardware to keep your winch looking shiny new,
-waterproof, multi-colored stickers and upgraded paint to eliminate any flaking
-waterproof rocker switches including the corded remote

VIPER ELITE Upgrade -- New Weatherproof Package and Wireless System
-Same upgrades as above.
-New premium wireless system that prevents accidental operation, conserves battery life, and has a easy-to-mount weatherproof receiver box.

Prices are going up on all the products between $20-$30 to account for the upgrades and the rising cost of materials. But based on market research, they are still just mid-priced compared with the competition and we believe we've created the best winch systems out there.....of course, there's a bit of bias in that statement.

We do have a limited number of 2011 winch models available at discounted prices.....visit our website at Moto Alliance over the next 24 hours to see all the available options.

Thanks for your ongoing support. We appreciate the partnership with you on the Teryx Forum.

Moto Alliance
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