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2016 Teryx4, 2018 Teryx 2 seater and dumpbed
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Hi all...I've had Teryx machines since 2016 and last year picked up a 2 seater 2018 Teryx with the dump bed. It has been working great till now. I went to pick it up from our camping lot and the check engine light is on and it is stuck in the 4 wheel drive low/lock position. I have tried checking fluids, switching to 2 wheel and 4 wheel from neutral, move forward and backward and tried the switches again. Unplugged the wires to the front differential and check them and they looked pretty good so I plugged them back in and tried everything again.

So i am out of my limited options and am beginning to think that the front axle actuator could be bad but I do not know.
Any suggestions? Trying to get it working so we can go out with other Veterans scouting for critters in a few weeks.
Thanks in advance
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