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Is there any issues with the 2019 2020 teryx T2 and T4's? I have been tasked to work on 3 rental teryxs. We change oil at 20hrs and stay on top of the fluids do to the fact they are rentals and we know they are drove without any care for the long term.

2 of the 3 machines are down due to excessive oil consumption. 1 teryx was ran from full oil to no oil in 6 hrs and seized. It is in the middle of getting rebuilt. The second came back 2 quarts low. A smoke machine found 2 leaking exhaust valves which i have replaced and is almost ready for a test drive. They showed alot of burnt oil. It appears to me that that the crankcase vent that goes into the intake has alot of oil around it. As does the both if the throttle bodies.

My question is does the crank case vent on a 2019-2020 have the issues as my 09 used to have needing the siphone break? Or are there any issues with burning oil. I honed and put new rings one 1 cylinder, lapped intake valves and replaced exhaust valves. I know they burn some oil but 1 quart every 2 hrs is excessive for sure. Any help would great.

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