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After hard running in deep snow, now won't start or belt light goes on & engine cuts.

Hi All,

I need some advice. My 2009 teryx ran great until my nephew beat it hard for about an hour in deep snow finally burying it. I had to chain up my truck to go pull it out.

The next day it would not start. I found the air filter box full of water from melted snow. The snow spray was so thick in the air that it was sucked into the air box and intake manifold. I dried it all out and it ran fine again. I also melted all the snow that was packed into the chassis.

After a few more easy drives without any problems it would not start. Now it cranks and cranks without a sputter, however, once in a while a turn of the key starts it. Usually it just cranks. When it does start it's right when I turn the key, not after it's been cranking for a while. The problem seems electrical. Once running I can drive it. It behaved fine on hard packed surfaces but in soft deep snow the belt light started flicking on and the engine would cut; the light would go out and the engine would pick up again. Basically the light would flicker and the engine would buck.

I have about 170 hours and bought it used this winter so I don't know any history of service.

Today I could not start it. Then I flipped the switch to two wheel drive, tried again and it started. Later flipping the switch didn't seem to matter. I'm at a loss on where to look for the problem.

Is this explained by a bad belt? Too loose? Would that explain the failure to start?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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