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Air Filters / Cleaners

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I know everyone has their favorites and I personally have used the paper element filters with no issues. How do foam filters compare with the paper element filters in high dust / sand areas?
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I personally prefer the foam when oiled. Paper is fine but it gets clogged quickly and does not like water at all.
Foam with oil. Repels water (unless soaked) and protects from dirt and dust the best. If Paper was so good, it would come from the factory.
Interesting, in regards to water, that makes complete sense, however, I would have thought that the paper element (aFe, Airaid, K&N) would filter dirt better as I would think the pores in the foam would be larger than that of the paper. Shows what I know.
Most of the better aftermarket foam oilable filters are dual density. You can actually see the difference.
Ya that is a good point, but wouldn't the pores still be larger than that of a paper element?
The polaris RZR comes with a paper filter. I sell uni filters and they are dual density. WE don't have one yet for the Teryx though.
Well I personally use an aFe filter with pre-filter on my Teryx...I am assuming the media in the aFe is paper or whatever they refer to it as.
I'm doing a little research on the AFE. It is cotton gauze like the K&N but it has a polyurethane coating on it and it has more layers. It still must be cleaned and oiled.

S&B filters uses the same technology as K&N but uses 8 layers instead of 4. I just like the dual density foam like a UNI. I'm not saying it is the best, I'm saying I am comfortable with it.

No matter what you modifying you need to match the product with the desired out come. You don't wear flip flops to play football. You don't wear cleats to play basketball.
Afe also make Dry Flow oil less filters also.I would really like to find one of those that I can make work.Just wash with soap and water and go no oil to mess with.
My three youngest boys race mx every weekend and practice 3 nights/week. We ran in a real dust bowl yesterday.You could hardly see the bikes sometimes. All mx bikes come from the factory with dual density foam filter. I wash and oil filters almost every night or two,...they do an outstanding job. The ones last night were plugged badly from the day,but washed out easily. I'm not saying one is any better than the other,just what I've done .
Ya, in some of those pictures it was looking like there was a little dust out there ;)
I have heard that the foam filters w/ oil are the best and are easy to wash, however I am new to the UTV thing, so what do I know?

Also, why we are on the subject of filters, how often should a foam filter be changed and oiled?
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