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I agree

Honestly Crow is the only belts I will use, in fact with exception to my firesuits with are custom made by a local manufacturer (and a friend), all of my safety related products (sans helmet) is from Crow, belts, arm restraints, shoes, drive line restraint, drag link restraint, etc.

The founder of Crow was Bill Simpsons right hand man at Simpson, after Simpson sold, he founded Crow, then Bill Simpson opened Impact. I have found the Crow product and service model to be second to none, they really care about their customers and it shows.

Most racers I know, unless they are sponsored by Simpson, Impact, G Force, etc. use the Crow products, that is not by accident. Simpson has the name recognition, but Crow has the superior product and service.

Obviously I believe in their product as every Saturday night I put my life in their hands.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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