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Assistance identifying wiring harness

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I had some electrical smoke coming from under the front passenger seat of my 2013 Teryx4. Pulled the seat out and found this plug melted. A sick toddler halted my tear down so I’m not sure where this harness leads but I need to use the machine 1 week from today. If someone could identify this harness so I can get a replacement headed this way it would be greatly appreciated.
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For those that will have this problem in the future that is part of the main engine wiring harness.

Copy and paste from another thread where I explained the problem:

I had the exact same issue about a year ago on my 2013 Teryx4. I replaced the battery and in a couple days later the problem returned. My stator was bad and had to be replaced for $700. Fast forward a year and a half later and today I am back at Kawasaki for another new stator, voltage regulator, and a complete new wiring harness. $3385.57. The technician said he was on the phone with Kawasaki for four hours before diagnosing the problem. The wiring harness lost its ability to carry the voltage and the charging system was working so hard it killed the stater and regulator. The technician told me that he has at least two other machines with the exact same problem right now. One is a 2013 model and the other is a 2014. Since this work was done at Kawasaki, the parts and labor have a one-year warranty. But you can bet the buttons on your shirt that this piece of junk will be out of my hands within a year.

p.s. I found this thread because I took off work and drove over an hour to pick up my machine and the power steering doesn’t work. There’s no EPS light on, no codes, and the technicians are at a loss so I’m searching the Internet to see what I can find.

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