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Available for sale: Both doors, windshield, and rear portion of the cab for a Beaver Pro cab enclosure that fits a 2009 Teryx 750. The windshield is included with the front portion of the cab (metal), and is automotive grade tempered glass. The doors are also metal, with Plexiglass windows. The large window in the doors (see pictures) is easily removable. The rear portion of the cab is plastic, or whatever resin/material that Beaver Pro uses, and includes a sliding Plexiglass window.

All of these pieces are in excellent shape.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: The roof, and the side portions of the frame. I kept the roof on my machine, and the side portions suffered some cracks, from repeated door closures in cold temperatures.

I salvaged 95% of the hardware when I removed the cab. There may be a few missing screws and bolts, but these would be easily available at a hardware store; all of the hardware is "standard size".

If you would like to complete the cab, I would guess that you could order a roof and replacement side panels from Beaver Pro. Otherwise, for anyone who has a Beaver Pro who is looking for replacement parts, these would be ideal.

Finally, if you are someone who is handy with fitting items from various sources, these are quality parts.

I am asking $200 for the entire lot, including all brackets, hinges, and hardware. I will also consider selling pieces separately. I would honestly like to see someone be able to use these parts, as they are just sitting in my garage. As you are likely aware, tempered glass is heavy. The metal frame parts are also fairly heavy. So my guess is that shipping would involve a truck, i.e., FOB. I think these parts are too big for UPS to handle. We can work out the shipping and packaging costs. FYI-I am in Colorado Springs, for anyone who is in the Rocky Mountain region who may want to pick up the items. These cabs, IMHO, are more for cold weather locations, because you stay very warm , even while plowing snow. They hold the engine heat inside the cab very capably.


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