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Ive been doing research and searching threads here for about a month now. I bought a 2011 Teryx LE, with 30 hours on it, about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I've been doing more modding, than riding, since I bought it.
Anyway, I'll be using it for hunting mostly, and trail riding some.

I live in North Ms. and this is my first UTV, but I've been riding 4 wheelers my whole life.

It came with the wheels, tires, camo gun bag and full UHMW skid plate

Here is what Ive done so far

Fabricated front receiver
mounted winch to a removable mount, so it can be used in front or rear
Installed winch solenoid and fuse block for accessories
ran all wiring
installed front axillary lights
installed rear lights
installed interior lights
ran power with quick disconnect for my sprayer and spreader
installed UNI filter and adapter from HW
snorkeled air box
installed switches for accessories
installed toolbox in bed
installed plastic guard, behind seats, to keep the dust down

and I'm finishing up the snorkel build for the CVT now

All that I can think of, that's left to be done, is fabricate some A-arm protectors for the axles

So, what do you guys think?

Well, I was gonna post pics, but the site won't let me link to my photobucket account until I post more:mad:
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