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Not too long ago I was having issues with my 2009 Teryx running on the HOT side. I mostly ride in the desert or at the sand dunes, so heat is a real concern. I have seen a lot of people running the PWR radiator in their cars and heard a lot of good things about them. But, as most of you know, PWR in no longer. Not too long ago, CBR Performance absorbed PWR. I have heard about the outstanding performance of CBR’s race-proven radiators and oil coolers. So it was a fairly easy choice to make the call to CBR. I spoke with Clint who reassured me that their triple pass aluminum Teryx radiator would solve my heating issues. The Teryx radiator is a direct replacement for the OE radiator. You will reuse the upper and lower mounting rubber bushings - a total of four in all - and your stock radiator hoses mount directly to the radiator with ease, unlike its PWR predecessor where the hoses were on opposite sides, which required modifications to mount. After installing the radiator, I refilled it with coolant and it almost took an additional gallon!!! With the added coolant and the triple pass through the radiator, I felt confident that I was going to be cruising at a cooler temp in no time. I wrapped up the install and let the car idle checking for leaks and to bleed off any bubbles in the coolant. The car's temp rose to 150 degrees and hovered there, not even fluctuating the least bit. After I was confident that the air was sufficiently bled from the system, it was ride time! The outside temps in Yuma were at about 97 degrees and would be a perfect day to see how the new CBR radiator performed. I headed out through the desert working the throttle anywhere from wide open to half throttle. The temp quickly rose to the 150 degree mark and hovered between 150 and 175. I still had not heard the fan come on and was fearing a bad connection. I stopped after about 20 minutes of continuous riding and let the car idle. The temp rose to 180 and I heard the fan come on and, in under a minute, the temp was back down to approximately 150 and holding. The fan sounds like a harrier jet doing a fly by!!! And the air movement was noticeable inside the cab. All in all I would give this Radiator/Fan Shroud unit high marks. It was a breeze to install and did what it was supposed to - COOL your car, PERIOD. The only drawback to the radiator is my aftermarket bumper would not fit, so I guess I will be making a new one. I would like to thank Clint and all the guys at CBR performance keep up the good work!!!



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