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CDI Maps

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I am going to be setting up an area to allow people to upload their maps to so that others may try their maps in an attempt to get the most out of their CDI.

At this point, does anyone have any maps they would like to contribute?
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How do we upload them?
At this point, just send them to me. I will send you a PM with my e mail address.
I have went ahead and built a temporary area for the maps. You can find the link on the home page, left side of page under where it shows "Site Navigation"

You can also click TeryxHQ.com Forums - Your Kawasaki Teryx Headquarters - CDI Maps

As mentioned I am going to work on a more automated way of doing this, however, for the time being, maps can be sent to maps at teryxhq dot com
looking for a msd map for my 09 teryx
dragonfire full exhuast & K&N filter
Also looking for a MSD Map for the same above with a duner clutch kit

Any sugestions what clutch kit to get?

Thank you Agiler
Call Dragonfire, they have one and they should give it to you.

No need in changing map for clutch, the clutch has nothing to do with timing or fuel

Get a Dalton kit and be done with it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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