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I originally posted this in another thread, but only got a couple replies. I thought I'd try again.

Dalton has had a clutch kit for the Teryx for four model years now, 08 through 11.

I have a stock 2010 LE with an MSD (Hunterworks curve), Muzzy's & 27" Zillas.
I do most of my riding on bush trails with lots of mud holes, but I also do a lot of road driving on gravel at top speed. Most of the guys I ride with have 800 Outlander Can Ams.

I am just getting ready to do the Dalton kit.

The installation instructions that came with the kit still refer only to the 2008 model, no mentions of 09, 10 or 2011.

We've now got fuel injections and MSD's instead of old school CDI and Jetting but the set up detailed is still in the instructions as being; (Quote) "27-28" tires - Stock engine, After-market exhaust, CDI ignition ,*pipes , light air box mod and jetting -DPKA-1U with aluminum rivet installed in tip. -Use 2 set screw in the threaded passage ,Amber primary
spring/Silver secondary spring. Some may prefer the orange/blue primary spring"

I understand that the nature of this adjustable kit is that you can fine tune it to the exact riding preference, but it would be nice to have a bit more head start on the set up.

From what I can tell, most guys are running with the Amber primary spring. I think that I understand that the Orange/Blue makes for higher RPM before engagement, and I don't think I want that.

I guess I'll go with the Amber spring, Aluminum rivets and two grub screws.

Does anyone have any better advise for a Fuel injected model?
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