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Whats you guys? A good friends and I came up with this idea after watching a cooler float away on a trail one ride. We had it strapped down with good ole ratchet straps, but even that didnt help.Not to mention how you have to undo them every time you want a beverage. So we came up with this, we are pretty proud of it and wanted some feedback on it.Made of alumium and fits the Yeti/Rtic's 20-50qt plus many more!Its been about 8months in the works to get it ready for production.First was the Patent Pending process, and then many prototypes ironing out the bugs. Now it operates flawlessly and we're ready to send it!

So basically, this is how it works. You have plenty of mounting configurations, 56 square holes, for either carriage or U bolts.

Both sides adjust, one side you'll set in place and not have to touch again unless you change the size cooler you have in place. The other side slides in a track that you adjust with a cam lever. You'll rotate the lever till taught and then press the cam lever down locking your cooler in place!


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