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Engine cutting out with backfire

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I just bought a 2008 teryx 750le. It starts great but soon after I take off the engine seems to cut out for about 10 seconds then the performance comes back for a few seconds and it will cut out again. Sometimes when the engine cuts out it will also backfire. Engine will never stall out and die but just bounce back and forth. Any ideas on what could cause this? Is there some kind of a rev limiter that could be pouched?
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I had the same exact issue occur with my 2008. It would idle just fine but as soon as I tried to put any power down it would fall flat on its face and backfire.
It ended up being a severely clogged filter on the inlet side of the fuel pump. I put a new filter in and she was good as new!
It was just getting starved of fuel which makes sense based on the symptoms I was experiencing.
I also had the MAP sensor go bad on mine a few years ago. It had slightly similar issues, but was hardly able to run at all. If the fuel filter replacement doesn't work, take a look at the MAP sensor.
Found wire that runs between carbs to speed sensor broken. this wire is run threw a protective cover so it may look fine but broken under.
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