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After waiting almost two months for EPI to make the Teryx clutch kit, I finally recieved mine last week. This weekend I had the chance to install it. The kit basically consisted of a driven pulley spring, clutch spring and weights. With my new rivit tool taking the Teryx apart was a breeze. Total disassembly time was approximately two hours.

Here is a picture of the larger driven pulley spring.

Here it is insatlled.

Here is the picture of the clutch spring.

Here is a picture of the weights I installed per the instructions. The stock weight is on the right, EPI weight is on the left.

Here is a picture of the engine without the driven pulley or clutch assembly.

Since I was putting everything back together, I put a new belt on also. After installation and putting everything back together, a test drive was in order. All I have to say is WOW! This thing will spin the stock tires from a dead stop and will pin you back in your seat! I can not imagine how this thing will be with a CDI, Muzzy Exhaust and jet kit.
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