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Flooding problems! Please help my 08!!

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Ok this is my problem, I have a 08 and it don't wanna stay on while idiling and my choke hardly works, it seems to run fine when just going like 10-20 miles per hour but it smokes, and when I'm running like 20 and gas it it wants to bog down and shut off then take a few minutes before it till start again. I have changed spark plugs and cleaned my air filter and even drained that gas and put new gas and it's still doing it. Sometimes it will stay idled when I give it gas for a mi ute or two but now it also seems to have gas being spit out of the muffler, oh and it backfires. What do I need to do? How do I get a shop manual? Please someone help! It's a 08 and only has 54 hours on it and it runs like crap! The dang thing is still new!!Bplease help!!
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Did u check to make shure your carbs didn't come off and/or get oil in your airbox? Just an idea
I cleaned my filter yesterday. I didn't see anything in the airbox, I don't get it, is there a fuel adjustment on the card to cutt the gas back or something?
You said, choke hardly works, Do you suppose your choke is stuck on?

There is a Y connection where the choke cable from each carb comes together and there is a wire tie around some heat tape. Sometimes the wire tie is on too tight pulling the cable out of the Y pulling one or both chokes on.
Thanks hunterworks. , I found where you were talking about but how do I adjust it? I think The choke may be way to tight, when I pull my choke it won't stay pulled, it was to go back, could that be what's flooding my engine? How would you adjust this?
There is no adjustment, you just have to make sure nothing is binding the cables and making sure the choke plungers are not binding.
I took off all that wrapping and inspected it, it looked ok to me. On your teryx does ur choke want to to go back in as soon as you pull it? It will start if I hold the choke pulled, but as soon as I let it go it retracts and then my engine won't stay started, unless I'm on the gas, any other suggestions?
yes, i was told the choke lever is supposed to go back in. that way it doesnt stay on with out the driver noticing.
a friends rex just had a bad choke cable, it was bound up and wouldn't let one of the chokes go back in(off)
have you checked your plugs? maybe a cold fouled plug?
did this start after you cleaned your air filter, Ive seen people use WAY to much oil on the filters and have the same effect as the chokes being on. Just a thought?
did u try changing the fuel filter? A clean fuel filter goes along way. solved prob w/ old rhino that sounds like that.
I haven't changed the fuel filter yet but I do have a spare that I'm gonna try. I. Changed my oil today it needed it bad but it wasn't low. Ive gotten two new spark plugs all my fluids are topped off everything should be working. Today it still looked like the motor was spitting gas. I inspected the choke cable and it looked like the one going to the most foward carb. It don't wanna start with just the choke I also have to press the gas too. And when it goes it smokes really bad. Well it wouldn't stay on when it idled so I adjusted the idle and now it seems to want to stay on but it reved kinda high. I'm scared if I keep messing with it I'm really gonna have it all outta wack! Any suggestions??
If the chokes were stuck, or a dirty air filter the smoke would be black " a rich condition " white smoke is either coolant getting into the cylinders if it's steam, or oil being burned in the cylinders. I would do a compression check and a leak down test to see if you have mechanical problems.
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