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With the way the Best in the Desert season works, our off season could be considered the break between the first and second race of the year as it is almost 4 full months with no racing action. During this time we are taking the opportunity to make a few changes to the car and do some repair work that was long over do. What do we have in store for the down time? Well you could say that the car will be a whole new vehicle when it's all said and done! We will be making changes to the suspension, Motor package, and Chassis.

To get the ball rolling, we took our Kawasaki Teryx over to Paul at Zero Tollerance Fab to repair some damage that was done to the frame rails. The quality of work that Paul delivers is unbelievable!

Once the chassis is done, we will install a XMF +5 kit with Walker Evans 2.5 shocks. This should help us get through the bumps and ruts a little better this year and keep us from getting shock fade.

You can view more pics of the rebuild at www.lashermotorsports.com

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