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Greetings from west central florida...

terantasaurus is the koolest toy ive ever had .. i got it for work . but geez what a cool toy

look around before you buy one two dealers i checked with had a 3k diff in sticker price .
30 miles apart.

read owners manual first . it says half throttle till broken in we ran it full throttle till it broke us in ..

it has seat belts for a reason . it will throw you out or you will throw your passenger out .
it will roll over ..its hard to roll back over alone with the missus trying to not spill her beer while laughing hystericaly

drinking beer while operating equipment is not a good idea . although fun . stuff usually happens ..

stock rides like a big sponge and when ya drift into the turns my butt squinches every time. should i slow down ???
a helmet is a good idea ..

smoked the belt and theres a rattle in the rear gear case ??? hrmm glad we got the extended warranty ..

tried this intro thing three times already if this over laps something im sorry ..

after gtting the groove with my stock version some hopping up seems kewl .. diesels ride sounds way cool but he's gotta have some cash dumped into it but ya gotta pay for kewlness..

im sure alot of you can relate to the tipping effect .. and know what i mean ..
its one of those flying by the seat of yer pants thing .

will the longer a arms relieve that butt squinching effect .. or do we need to just slow down .. ROFLMAO .............................


p.s anyone know where to ride these in florida ??? ive called afew places but they wont let them in ???? i guess the liability is too much ...

ill get the photo thing going soon and i have a whole lotta questions i need answers for so i will keep in touch ..
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