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Hey Everyone,

I finally made a login for this site, I go by toolman at KR and at TeryxForums...either I've used that login here, and have since forgotten, or someone beat me to it.

I have an 09 Teryx, an 08 BruteForce and an 03 VForce...and I'm on the fence right now about a KFX450R, or getting rid of the BruteForce and getting a Renegade.

My Teryx has Uni intake, Muzzy Exhaust, and MSD with maps from VFJ to go along with my VFJ Stage3 clutch. Other than that, it has SS312 rims, 26" Bajacross(I have 28" Bajacross on order) and OEM Sport suspension. I have Moose A-Arm skids, and ProArmor on the rest.

I'm looking to lift it 2" soon, and probably get the Elka suspension for it. My other plans this year are for a custom front bumper and rear bumper.

Hope to meet some more good people here that maybe don't frequent the other sites, and learn some stuff from everyone about what works and what doesn't.

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