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Well I am finally through with exhaust comparison testing. Got the AC Racing true dual done today.

First , I would not get it to fit right so I am sending it back. I had to hold it on with a welding clanp but it had no bearing on it's performance.

On more thing, boy is it loud. 98db at 6000 rpm and 114db under load. Ouch!!!

As I thought the true dual would not perform as well as other designs, yea it still beat the slip on but not the HMF and Muzzy. On the normal test it was about 2.4 HP less than the Muzzy and on our loaded test about 1.75 HP less than the Muzzy.

We will be selling the Muzzy and HMF systems soon when we get our jetting worked out completely. Mostly the needle positions which has nothing to do with wide open throttle runs like we have been doing for the testing.

Ok here are the charts for all five with the AC Racing in the mix too.

Normal dyno test

Loaded Test

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