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Hello guys. I am new here but have been on one of the other forums for a while. I need Kawasaki's email addresses for the president and vice president if possible as well as any regional sales staff. Thanks again for all the help. I am not laying down on how I was treated be the POS dealership last week and someone is going to hear my story. I have included an email I am trying to send out below. If you have any pointers or tips, feel free to chime in! Thanks again

EMAIL BELOW:eek:illeak::eek:illeak::nuts::nuts:

Hello Sir or Madam,

I have an issue about a faulty fuel pump that the dealership I took my Teryx4 to is refusing to cover under warranty. I can not get any satisfactory help from customer service thus far. The story goes as this:

I dropped my four month old 2012 Teryx 4 off at Streit's motorsports (352)376-2638 yesterday because it wouldn't run. I didn't buy it from this dealership due to them being $3000.00 more than where I purchased it. But Streit's is the closest dealership to me due to the economy(my favortie dealership is no longer a Kawa dealer). I get a call today, firday 06/15/2012, from the dealership saying the fuel pump is burnt up and is not covered under warranty. Jerry at the dealership stated there was water in my gas tank and that caused the pump to burn up. He then started spouting what it would cost for me to fix it and that I already owe him $79.00 for the diagnosis and $5.00 a day for storage. I explained to Jerry I would be contacting Kawasaki about the repair and to not do anything else to my machine. I then called Kawasaki customer service and spoke to Nathan (extension #2569) about the defective fuel pump at 12:00PM today, 12/15/2012. I went on to explain to him how can water in the gas cause the fuel pump to burn up. The fuel pump pumps fluid and does not know the difference between gas and water(for this short of a time). Secondly, I asked how did the water get into the gas tank. Is the gas cap defective? Is the check valve on the pressure line defective? He couldn't answer those questions and stated he would talk to the tech that took the call and would return my call shortly. After six hours (5:30PM) I still hadn't heard from Nathan so I called him back. Nathan then stated he just spoke with the tech and he contacted the dealership again to get more information about the fuel pump. Nathan then stated he originally got some information that was not correct and was vague. Nathan then stated the dealership is now stating the fuel pump burnt up due to mud being in the gas tank. Nathan stated this is not covered under warranty either. I then asked Nathan why is the dealership's story changing and again is the gas cap or check valve defective. After all, I know I did not purposely pour water or mud in the gas tank. Nathan again could not answer my question and stated the fuel pump is not covered under warranty. I then asked to speak with his supervisor and he attempted to transfer me to Rick. Rick did not answer so I left him a message. I have since called two more times and got no answer. At approximately 8:00 PM, I again called Nathan and asked him the procedure to cancel my extended warranty. Nathan said it could be done at any dealership. I then asked if Rick was at his desk. Nathan then stated that Rick had already left for the evening. I then asked Nathan why did he continue to transfer me to Rick's desk if he knew Rick wasn't there. I wasted over two hours trying to contact Rick for no apparent reason. Nathan then stated he and Rick spoke before Rick left for the day. Nathan stated the dealership is now stating the fuel pump is in fact not burnt up, but that the filter on the pump is clogged. Nathan stated Rick was talking with the dealership to determine if he was going to warranty the repair or not. Nathan stated the filter may be able to be replaced even though it had not been a servicable item in the past. I asked Nathan if, at this point in time, was kawasaki going to civer the repair under warranty. Nathan stated no. I told Nathan that I would be going to the dealership tomorrow to pick up my four month old machine that doesn't run due to the fact I did not want to have to pay a storage fee for the machine.

On Saturday, 06/16/2012 I contact Nassua Powersports, the dealership I purchased my teryx4 from. I asked Tony about canceling my extended warranty and he inquired why. I gave Tony a brief run down of how Streits and Kawasaki have treated me in reguards to this warranty claim. Tony stated he could not believe the dealership would do that. He stated a dealership make approxiamtely 35% of their business through warranty work. Tony asked if he could check some things and call me back. I said no problem, as I was on my way to pick the machine up. Approximately fifteen minutes later, Tony's service manager (I forgot his name) called me back and asked if I would tell him what is going on. I told him the same story I told tony. He stated he didn't understand either and appoligized for the situation. He stated he wished he could help me with this but he was unable to. I arrived at Streit's and went into the service department. Jerry asked if he could help me. I gave him my name and told him I was there to pick up my machine. Jerry stated, "what? You owe me money on that machine". I told him I know that and that I just want my machine because I am not paying his storage fees. I asked Jerry for a copy of the repair order and he gave me one. No where on the order did it say there was a fee for diagnosis my warranty issue. But I didn't argue. I asked jerry for a copy of the bill. Jerry typed two lines on the bill before he gave me a copy. Jerry then brought a gas can from behind the counter and said this came out of your machine. It looked to me to be about three gallons of fuel with some black sediment/ dirt at the bottom. Jerry said I had to pay my bill up front at the register before he would release my machine. I went up front and paid the cashier. I then spoke with the owner about canceling the extended warranty. At first, he acted like he couldn't help me because I didn't buy my machine from him. He eventually sat down with me and completed the papers. I then walked out to my truck, to discover my machine was sitting next to my truck. Nothing was taken off my machine, nothing was taken apart. I took several pictures of this because the dealership didn't know I was coming to pick it up and I felt the machine should still be in pieces if they actually diagnosed my machine and its problem. And then, to top things off, not one person came out and helped me load this 1600 pound machine on my trailer. I had to load it myself. I just paid this dealership ninty dollars and they didn't even help me load it.

I thought this machine was covered under a six month factory warranty. I had even bought the extended "good times protection plan" when I purchased the machine to ensure it would be covered in the event it broke down for an additional four years. I am now in the process of canceling the extended warranty seeing how useful the original warranty is! This is the second Teryx I have bought in less than two years. How can kawasaki say that the fuel pump is not covered? Are you saying I purposely damaged my fuel pump? I will tell you this. I have been put through a great deal of unnecessary stress over this due to the "shady" dealership that is mad at me because I chose to buy the machine from someone else. I may lose this arguement about why my four month old fuel pump should be covered under factory warranty. But if I do lose, I promise you I will not purchase another kawasaki machine and I will probably post on every forum/ website about my experience. It is sad when the customer service manager will not even return my call. I may even post the telehone conversations I had will all parties as well. Hopefully someone at Kawasaki that understands the customer is important and is "sometimes right" will read this and attempt to help me resolve this rediculus situation.


"Rick", the customer service supervisor for Kawasaki, contacted me today, Tuesday 06/19/2012 and asked if he could help me. It took him two work days to return my call? I wonder why that is.... Then he is very short with me and states the fuel pump is not under warranty and offers no other asssistance. I explained to him that I did pick my broken machine up. I also told him that I do not believe he can or is willing to help me. the phone call then ended. He never tried to talk to me about the situation. He never tried to explain to me Kawasaki's point of view or even there final decidision. How is it that he is even a supervisor? Kawasaki really needs to have some human diversity training as well as public relations training. I, after all, am a Kawasaki customer!!!!!!


How did the dealership properly diagnosis my machine if they took nothing apart?

If and when the dealership found contiminate (water/mud) in the fuel tank, why didn't the dealership troubleshoot how the contiminate got into the fuel tank? Why didn't they check/test the gas cap or the check valve?

How can the dealership change there story as to what was wrong with the fuel pump three times and that not seem strange?

How is this not covered under the factory warranty when obviously something failed in order for the contiminate to be in the fuel tank? Five other ATVs used the same fuel pump I ised so it coldn't be a contaminated fuel source.

Any questions, or answers to the above questions, feel free to contact me at (386)623-4066

Danny Brown:eek:illeak:
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