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2010 teryx 750
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2010 750, 1100 miles and only 15 hours. Bought used and took for 6 hour ride. Got home shut off and never started again. The injectors do not inject fuel. Bench test injectors and they work fine. Pour fuel into cylinders and engine fires. Fuel pressure is 40 PSI. There is no temperature indication. Aftermarket temperature gauge mounted on dash, but is not hooked up. There is a manual fan switch that turns cooling fan on and off. Had the fan on most of the time while riding. Not sure if overheated or not. Can the temperature sensor cause the injectors to not pulse? Theory being, if sensor thinks it is too hot it sends signal to ECM to shut down engine and ECM does not send signal to injectors to pulse.
Sadly, small engine mechanics in my area charge $110.00 hourly rate. Way beyond my budget to pay for them to explore for the problem. One estimate was for possible 14 hours of labor. Any advice will be helpful.
Thanks . . . . Wisconsin.
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