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First is a 'Teryx' dealer sign that Kawasaki sold to all dealers when then Teryx was released. SOLD.

Next up is a set of ITP wheels-"SS108-Machined" with Terra Cross tires mounted up, plus an additional ITP wheel with no tire mounted. Just add one tire, and you got yourself a complete set including spare!
26x9x14 Fronts, 26x11x14 rears, plus the 5th ITP SS108 wheel.
These were mounted up on a showroon Teryx, which traveled the 30 feet or so from inside to outside daily for a short period of time, but there's hardly any wear as you can see from the pics.
These things price out around $1100 for the set IIRC, plus the additional wheel at another $80+showroom/-, but retail be damned! Because I like you, you can buy the whole enchilada was $550obo...NOW JUST $499obo
Not allowed to post pics on here due to low post count, so e-mail me for pics.

Contact Kevin: [email protected]
Located in Orange Calif.
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