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I'm going to make the same post here as I did over at the other forum and that is the use of a K&N filter on any vehicle where dust is an issue will eventually lead to engine failure, seen it too many times.

I don't have anything to offer you in replacement so there is no reason for me to tell you this unless it is true.

Besides a open air intake system on a CV carb is going to be very hard to get dialed in because of the loss of vacuum signal.

The stock air box is quite adequate in the air flow department with a little help from a couple of TPI valves.

I won't argue this, it is simply a statement.

I'm not hijacking another vendor as blamed on the other site, I just can't sit by and watch people buy products that won't work or won't do what they expect them to do and will harm their engine.

I wish I had not even posted this but I feel like I need to, to protect the customer.

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