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Looking For Hauler

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So I have been looking around and I am really torn.

Looked at a really nice new 28' box (31' overall) Skyline Freestyle today...really liked the layout, any feedback on this unit?

Also a really nice new 32' Rage'N with single slide. Now I know Rage'N is no longer around, however, I can get a warranty to cover frame, etc and then the other items would be convered by the manufacture of that product.

Also, found a new 32' MVP Envy, very nice indeed, just have never heard of them.

Lastly, a killer deal on a 39' Raptor with triple slide outs...just not sure that will work with my 3/4 ton 6.0 liter diesel.

Anyhow, I really just do not know...do not want something I am going to have issues with. Please feel free to provide your ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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Upgrade to the one ton and go 39'.
I like spending other peoples money.:laugh:

More seriously. What do you have now? How many beds do you need and how many toys are you taking out?
i have an '08 weekend warrior le3505 billet editon...love it. have not had a single problem with it so far. i am thinking of upgrading tho... possibly to class a or super class c...both diesels...ww is out of business, but the major equipment is still covered under mnfr. warranty... gotta love it!
I have nothing right now :(

There are five of us, so it just needs to sleep five, but I must have a front sleeper.

I do not want to go too small since I am going to have to have this rig for a while, therefore, I want to make sure that it is something I can grow into, versus quickly growing out of.

Thanks guys!
DP, one major question is how many other Atvs / dirtbikes will you be hauling besides the Teryx. That alone will have a big influence on what you get. I can tell you from my experience I have a Heartland Razor with two slide outs and 10' separate garage. The garage is great for keeping the toys in the back separated but there is only room for my Teryx and my son's KFX 90. If I could choose again I would forego the garage and 2nd slide out to get the extra room. This what I would choose the second time around.

Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers & Travel Trailers - Heartland RV

Heartland makes a good rig, it is not super fancy but it is extremely functional. I picked my 08' up for 35K OTD. Every other RV I looked at, that was comparable was 50K and up. Heartland also has a patented front nose cap that lets you pull it with a short bed truck without having to use a sliding fifth wheel hitch and you can make a 88 degree turn.


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I have been looking at a new toy hauler myself. From what the dealer is telling me the Raptor will work behind the 3/4 ton pickup. Maybe he is just trying to sell me one I guess. I haven't measured it off but it doesn't look like I can get my teryx and a four wheeler in the 12' boxes that most of these haulers have. I currently have a hauler now but the back door is to low and I have to pull the cage off everytime we go some where. This is a pain. Good luck finding something. Let us know what you find. I think my favorite that I have seen so far is the Jayco Recon. Just not many used ones out there yet. I can't see spending 60k on a camper.
Hey diesel I will give you my thoughts on a major buy like a hauler. You and the wife need to each make a list of what is important to the both of you and then compare them. Remember a happy wife is a happy life. Also spend time in a lot of differant trailers. Look at the storage and if you don't think you will fill it all up you will and then some. The most important thing to do is to spend some time in the bathroom becasue in the end that will make or break a trailer. Sit on the john and shut the door make sure it is a good fit. That is just my .02. Now hurry up and buy a hauler so we can do some camping this summer.
i love my mega lite but they went with weekend warrior when they went under. they did make a nice 5th wheel that you can still get for a good price.
Neverenough said it....spend some time in them first, make a list of what you do and dont like about them and go from there. you will never find the "perfect" trailer(at least i couldn't). hell it took me a little over a year deciding what i wanted.
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