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I have a miss in my Teryx, as well as a flat spot in acceleration, and I’m finally have it tore down tring to do something with it. I think the flat spot is at the transition point between the fuel mixture circuit and the needle circuit. I have HWTodd carb kit installed, with 144 front main jet and 146 rear. Needle in top slot.

I think it’s running rich at the transition point. I’m going to adjust the fuel mixture screw in slightly….but what a pain. I tried to do it without pulling the carbs but can’t. So I have to loosen them up and just roll off to the side. Means I can’t adjust while running which is irritating. As to the miss, I don’t know if related or not.

I also want to check the adjustment on the choke cable, but I can’t even find it. When I installed the HWTood carb kit, I left the carbs on the Teryx, just rolled them over. I’ve even pulled the tunnel cover and moved the cable around and still can’t find it.

Someone clue me where to look and how to check to see if the choke might stay slightly engaged. Also if someone has other ideas on the miss, as well as the flat spot, I’m all ears.
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