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After a season of plowing, here are what I found with the plow system from MotoAlliance I purchased.
Ease of install was ok. Down side was parts were missing. They were sent right out tho after a quick phone chat with them.
Driveway is 250+ feet long and gravel. Lots of plowing miles this season.
Pluses: plows very good. Pivot adjust works really well. Pick up height is great. County style works well, wish height was a bit more.
minuses: quick release pins fell out twice while plowing. This caused slight bend in mount. Broke carriage bolts that hold wear bar several times. In fact they all broke once and I had to go find bar at night in a snow bank. Caught edge of bank and tore mount to hell. Ordered a new one. Breakaway springs seem weak. Will be installing shorter eye bolts to allow stiffer setting next season.
Overall.....good plow. Needs some improvements but would recommend just from a customer service stand point. They are great to help out and are always pleasant.
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