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One to three weeks, Muzzy is totally covered up. We don't stock them here because it would slow the process down. They are in Oregon and we are in MS, if we ordered them say 10 at a time and they came via freight it would take a week and a half to get them, then up to a week to get to you and when they got here they would all be sold as sometimes we sell 5 in a day.

Also keeping them here would add to the cost since they would be shipped twice so the fastest way is to let Muzzy ship it and the least expensive way of doing it.

Muzzy is not the only company hard to get product from right now so is MSD, they simply can't make enough.

Please be patient.

Anyone who has one sitting on the shelf either does not sell many or has extremely deep pockets to be able to have a bunch on hand. Deep pockets is not common in the ATV/TUV accessory business unless you are nameless and faceless large company. Companies that use the products, support the products etc are normally smaller and just can't afford to have 50 exhaust sitting on the shelf.

Please be patient with your vendor.

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