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Hello everyone,

I'm relatively new to the forum, but not that new to the Teryx community. I've finally bought my first Teryx. My stepdad has owned 4 of the things. I found a pretty good deal on a Red 08 LE with 60 miles on it down in Florida. I've had it since about Thanksgiving and I've just not gotten around to adding some stuff to it. As far as performance is concerned its still completely stock.

I've added a set of ITP type 7 14" Beadlocks and Bajacross Tires, and a set of PRP lowback seats.

Thats the only pic I have of it since I've added the wheels and seats. Hopefully there will be many more mods to come.

I'm planning on a clutch kit, exhaust, cdi box, cage extension, front and rear bumpers, and who knows what else.

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