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Originally purchased this so I could spend time with my dad who is 70 and has onset Alzheimers...while he's still mobile on his ATV. Figured it was easier to get one vehicle for the girlfriend & kids rather than outfit everyone with their own machine. Started out looking at the Rhino cuz I love my Yamaha WaveBlasters & SuperJet watercraft and FZ6 sportbike. Chose the Teryx cuz of the twin motor and slightly larger size. Been on some amazing trail rides in SE Idaho in the month I've owned it. I love this thing! Can't believe where it can go!

NOW I'M HOOKED!!! We've been having so much fun in this thing! Great purchase!

Been used to riding & modifying watercraft...look out credit card!...girlfriend's already chuckling at me with all of the mods I want to do!...let's hope she keeps that attitude!

Definitely gonna compete with the jetskis for summertime fun!
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